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Nationwide Collection from Every hotel in Ireland 


Let us collect your bouquet and bring it to our Sligo Studio and we shall give your flowers a beauty treatment to get your flowers looking their best before we preserve and frame your Wedding Flowers.  


Book in advance and we will send you instructions how to care for your flowers on your wedding day and waiting for collection.


Keep the memories of precious times -  click here to see recent work and prices
save your flowers to be freeze dried and designed by experts in beautuful shadowboxes by Jenny Hamilton in our Sligo studio.   Exquisitely beautiful framed works of art.

Keeping your wedding and commemorative flowers forever as a memory keepsake is easy using our expertise in flower preservation and framing serivce from our Sligo studio.  Freeze drying flowers is a highly specialised craft requiring many hours of work and detailed attention to ensure you keep your wedding flowers for years to come.  Jenny Hamilton has been preserving and freeze drying flowers for  18 years and is Irelands most experienced floral preservationist.  

We have several sizes and choices of frames to give you various options for having your flowers dried and preserved in our Sligo studio. See our Frequently asked Questions for detailed information regarding the preserving and presentation of your flowers.


How long does it take to preserve my wedding bouquet?

For top quality preservation of flowers is a long and detailed and can take up to four/five months to complete.  Technically it can be completed sooner, however, sometimes we are delayed in proceeding with the final design work and framing if we have to wait for client choose a frame or/and to send on photographs, invitations, coin, hair jewelery to insert with the bouquet.   We do require to have all inserts before we can begin the final design work to get the best possible design balance.

We do offer a "Fast-track" service. The "Fast-track" works when the client pays for all in advance and sends on inserts and chooses frame within a month of sending us the flowers to preserve.  This way we can cut out all delays and the clients order goes straight to the design room for completion when the flowers are dried.  No waiting in turn while we complete orders that have come in before your bouquet.  No extra charge for this service.  Please call Jenny to discuss your options.


Keep your wedding bouquet forever...  

Preserved roses in wedding bouquet by Jenny Hamilton sligo ireland dried rose wedding bouquet

Your flowers expertly preserved and beautifully framed in our Sligo Studio.  Can we dry your wedding flowers for you?   Can you have your wedding flowers framed? Can you have a keepsake made from your flowers and wedding bouquet?  Can we dry or preserve flowers from funerals?  Can we dry or preserve flowers for your bridesmaids flowers?  Can we preserve Mum's corsage and Dads buttonhole?  Yes to all those questions, we can dry and preserve your flowers from weddings, special occasions, funerals, keepsake roses from a beloved parents garden and any other occasions you might want to dry flowers to keep from.   


Standard Size Frames

The Gallery of preserved wedding bouquets above shows flowers dried and preserved in our standard size frames.  The choice of frame finish are White, Black, Silver brush, Gold Brush, Pewter and Wood .


Free Framing of Keepsakes

Along with your Wedding Bouquet consider having the Grooms buttonhole preserved and added to the design work.  We offer free preservation of the grooms buttonhole and addition of keepsakes like wedding coin and invitation when you have the full wedding bouquet standard frame or long frame.

Commemorative Flowers
Freeze Dried and Framed


The styling for commemorative flowers is different to the way wedding or occasion flowers are presented.   We always add in foliage, ribbon, verse, inscription and if you would like to add a mememto or an item that is significant to your memories we are happy to do so without extra cost.

Collection and Delivery    We collect from every hotel in Ireland and return your beautiful framed preserved bouquet to addresses all over Ireland.  Prices shown in our shop show the price of the preservation and framing only.  Collection and delivery are extra charges.  If you deliver to our Studio there is no added charge.

How Much does it cost to have my wedding bouquet preserved and framed?   What are my choices and can I get a discount if I get two or more bouquets preserved together?    

The following price list is shown in order of popularity with the secondary choices listed later.

(1)     Standard Bridal hand tied wedding bouquet (full bouquet) in 14" x 18" (36cm x 50cm) 335.00 euro and a 10% discount on two or more frames of this size when ordered together.  Ideal for getting bridesmaids bouquets preserved for them as a “Thank you” gift from the Bride and Groom.  Sometimes we can make a long bouquet into a smaller version to fit this frame.  Price includes all treatments, preservation, design work, inserts and inscription.  

(2) Complex  bouquets:  Some bouquets have considerably more flowers than standard and are called a complex bouquet but is framed in our standard size frame and this price is 375 euro.  Bouquets that have more than 45 heads of flowers and embellishments are categorised as complex.

(3)   Very Long shower bouquet or double bouquet Frame 34” x 15” (86cm x 38cm) 395 euro – 435 euro – 495 euro. This pricing depends on the amount of flowers and the hours spent in design.  This size frame is perfect for adding two or more bouquets into the one frame. Price includes all treatments, preservation, design work, inserts and inscription.

(4) Flowergirl frame:  8.5” x 15” (43cm x 50cm) 285 euro and a 10% discount on two or more frames of this size when ordered together.  We call this our Flowergirl frame because it is a smaller version of our standard size frame.  Perfect for a smaller hand tied bouquet and for commemorative flowers and can be used either portrait or landscape..  Price includes all treatments, preservation, design work, inserts and inscription.

(5) Small square frame 8” x 8” (23cm x 23cm Selection of approximately five flowers 130 euro each.  This frame size is available in Light Oak, Walnut brown, Silver, Gold and Black.                        DISCOUNT APPLIES when 5 or more small frames are ordered together 100 euro each                                  FURTHER DISCOUNT for 9 units or more the price drops again to just 95 euro each.  This great price is perfect for commemorative flowers when families want to have a keepsake of the beautiful flowers from loved ones funeral.  All frames can have verse and or inscription or small photograph included for no extra charge.         Price includes all treatments, preservation, design work, inserts and inscription. 


(6)  "White Special"  comtemporary soft white frame shadowbox comes in gift box 11.5" x 11.5", comes in soft white only and is available on special only.  This special price is just 285 euro and includes a beautiful outer gift box.  This special offer includes courier collection and delivery and must be pre-requested before we start working on your flowers.  This Special must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.  There are no inserts or inscriptions with this Special   CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Frame Sizes quick guide
Small square frame 8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm) for selection of aprox 5 flowers. Light oak only)
Flowergirl frame:  8.5” x 15” (22cm x 38cm).  used either portrait or landscape.
Standard Wedding bouquet 14" x 8" (36cm x 45cm) full hand tied bouquet size
Long shower bouquet or double bouquet Frame 34” x 15” (86cm x 38cm)
All frames are available five finishes of Light Oak, Silver, Gold, Walnut finish, Black with the exception of the8” square frame which is offered only in the light oak frame.

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